To anyone & everyone involved with DC music — in anyway –it’s time we come together to help promote and support music being made in the District of Columbia. From holding events to attending trade shows and joining performance societies — It’s time to put the everyone on notice that DC Made Music, is here to do business entertaining.  It’s not good enough to play some gigs out of town.  It time to sell some music out of town too and take back the mantel of Best USA Music City.
The Majors are still making billions and they do it  because,  they are selling to the fans, not telling the fans how their buying this music.
DC Made Music is here to say that we’re about getting to the fans DC’s music in any format they choose. In order to do that artists bands and labels need to start thinking bigger than being on one or two service and demanding to be part of all of them. If you’re not on a distribution service that offers that please check out the City Music Deal(TM) just for DC.

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